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We Visually Create and Communicate Brands!

While creative design is at the core of everything we do, the reason for our work is to add value to your Brand.  What we create must have the desired effect in practical use. It’s not enough to just look good, our work also must work for our clients.  Our aim is to provide our clients with design solutions that best fit them, that work best for them, that strip away all clutter and conveys their Brand in a way that is meaningful and memorable.  To ensure we are equipped with the right information and understand clearly what is needed, there are some foundations that need to be built first.  These are crucial for any effective work so we like to be thorough and can offer you the following …



  • Staff & Management Workshops
  • Customer Focus Groups
  • Online Surveys
  • Face to Face Surveys
  • Online Market Research
  • Brand Identity Audit
  • Communications Audit


A good Brand Name needs to be ...

  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to communicate
  • Easy to read and pronounce
  • Not too long
  • Not too descriptive
  • Available to use

Our naming process will help you meet all these criteria.



A strong tagline will communicate the values, benefits and features of your product/service in just a few words.  Coming up with the best result takes a lot of work, it must...

  • Encapsulate values and benefits
  • Sum up what the product/service does
  • Work as an advertising message
  • Communicate you core business
  • Be meaningful and truthful

Because we are objective outsiders to your business, we can devise an authentic tagline with meaning.


Whatever the objective - to sell, to promote, to inform, to educate, to attract - the most important thing is that your Brand creates the right impression on it's audience. Whatever the method of communication -

  • Marketing Material
  • Print Collateral
  • Signage
  • Advertsing
  • Online Graphics
  • Packaging

Our job is to creatively and honestly visually communicate the true values and benefits of what you offer - not just what we think looks beautiful (but of course it will!).


Once the foundations are set, you need to build the brand loyalty with your audiences. We can help you to do this with consistent communications for ...

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • New Product Promotions
  • Seasonal Offers/Promotions
  • In-House Marketing
  • Online Activity


The more we work on your Brand, the more familiar we become with it and we get to know it inside and out. This allows us to be objective and recognise opportunities for development of your Brand.  We can help you build on what you have and grow the brand with new additions, new concepts, new initiatives - all in line with your brand values.  Brands can never stay still, they must keep growing and innovating.