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Our job is to …


We ask the questions that need answers. What do you and your customers believe is your Brand and what is its true value? In our quest for Brand truth, we talk to you, your customers and your wider marketplace through tailored workshops, focus groups and surveys.  We are only interested in what is real, perceived and known about your brand.


We know you are passionate about your business so first we listen carefully to how you see your Brand.  Your customers also know your Brand, we want to hear what makes them choose you now and into the future.  Lastly, we listen to your wider market and hear what you have yet to offer them, so that they will choose you and become potential future customers of your business.


It is only when we have both asked and listened that we can get a clear understanding of where the real value is in your Brand. We need to understand where it is positioned in the eyes of your current and future customers in the marketplace.  When we understand your Brand, we can accurately communicate it and offer you results-led creative solutions.


Armed with all the information we gather from you and your customers, we sit down with you to devise a strategic plan for the current and future growth of your Brand. We consider your brand aspirations and offer you insights and creative solutions to help you communicate with your customers of today and tomorrow more effectively and profitably.


Only now, do we get creative and start kicking around some ideas and working on visual concepts. We don't try to be clever or quirky. We don't make things stand out for the sake of standing out.  We don't try to produce magnificent works to flatter our egos.  We focus on the facts and ensure what we produce authentically reflects your Brand and is of value to your bottom line.


We create to help you communicate. So most importantly, whatever we do for you, across whatever medium, must be focused on results. Whether it is a once off Brand re-positioning campaign or long term strategy to strengthen Brand relationships, loyalty and sales, as long as it works for you, that is all that matters to us!