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It’s just a bit of fun for your lunchtime

Posted by on February 1st, 2011 with 0 Comments

Here at Midpoint we like a bit of fun while we are working and from 12am to 2.30 every day we get our share of laughs from Ray Foley, JP, Ann and Adele on the Ray Foley Show on Today FM. So, we heard them talking about the upcoming General Election and all the blasted canvassing that it brings.

Foley (as he is affectionately known to his countless millions of fans) was not looking forward to the canvassers knocking at his door and anticipated that many of us wouldn’t be either, especially as most of them will have nothing new to say beyond the same old empty promises and generic waffle.

So to let the politicians know where they stand without having to waste your time talking to them Foley suggested that it would be good to have a sticker on your door that set them straight. *Ding. We thought that was a great idea and sent the show an email, offering to design the sticker for them. They went for it and the result can be seen above. These stickers will be available in lots of shops and public places around the country, and also through the Ray Foley Show (12 – 2.30 Today FM Mon-Fri) and some other outlets -tune in to find out where.

Like the title says this was ‘just a bit of fun’ but it goes to show that sometimes the 100/1 shot can pay off.

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